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Thanks for completing #HACK 2020!

Calling All Kingdom Builders in Texas

#HACK is a yearly Hackathon in Austin with a mission to build tools for God's kingdom. We provide workshops, mentorship, and challenges that build lasting impact. Since Indigitous will be hosted online this year, we have invited all college students and recent graduates to join us for #HACK 2020.

#HACK is over, but the work of building God's kingdom isn't! Keep an eye on your email and Slack for updates!

Cost: Free! Feel free to donate

Top prize: Nest Hubs

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Over $2000 of other swag, prizes, and gift cards will be awarded and raffled!


First 120 participants to sign up and attend the Hackathon will get a swag pack of a shirt, journal, face mask, pen, and stickers shipped to them!


What is Indigitous?

Indigenous + Digital = Indigitous


More people are spending more time online and seeking purpose than ever before. We believe that we can leverage technology to engage people with the truth of God's love during this digital age.

Open to All

Anyone can join Indigitous #HACK. God gave us each unique gifts and talents as part of His body. From liberal arts creatives to CS code monkeys, we invite you to join and bring #HACK to life.


We partner with Christian organizations around Texas to find challenges and ideas we can bring to life through #HACK. Contact us if you would like to partner with us for a #HACK 2020 challenge.

Reaching All Major Universities in Texas

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Indigitous #HACK is a 14 hour hackathon where we use our skills to build for God’s kingdom! You’ll gain vision for the intersection of faith and tech by working on real-world challenges, meeting mentors, learning from workshops, and fellowshiping with like-minded Christian technologists!

In Exodus 35:10, Moses tells the Israelites that "All who are skilled among you are to come and make everything the LORD has commanded.” In the same way that the Isarelites used their skills to build the tabernacle, God gifted us our (digital) skills today to build for His kingdom! The same technology that connects the world is also being used by God to reach all (indigenous) nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues with the gospel! Through Indigitous (indigenous + digital) #HACK we hope to build tools for Kingdom work at this very intersection!

Indigitous #HACK Texas 2020 will take place online on Zoom and to promote social distancing. Local organizations have also reached out to us with challenges directly addressing the problems they are facing due to Covid-19. This is a season where there are more people asking spiritual questions and using technology than ever before! The harvest is so plentiful during this season, and as digital laborers, we can share the love of God in Jesus Christ by going where people are - on digital devices!

We’re part of a global network of people excited about faith & tech! Indigitous #HACK is just one event in Indigitous’ year-around mission to leverage technology to share the gospel! There are hackathons like this one happening in Nigeria, Singapore, England, Indonesia, Australia, and other places around the world! We’ll help connect you with this global network after finishing #HACK 2020.

Yes! Take a look at some of what past Indigitous #HACK teams across the world have built here to see the type of things that you may be able to create!

This is in the works! We’re aiming to be able to hire interns to head Indigitous #HACK 2021 next year! Join #HACK 2020 for an opportunity to see what #HACK is about!


We welcome a diversity of skills! Just as the body of the church is made up of many members, we also welcome (and need!) many from fields outside of CS - marketing, business, design, theology, psychology, medicine, etc!

Try to find a Hackathon near you at However, if there’s not a #HACK in your city, y’all feel free to register and join us yee haws for #HACK 2020!

We welcome people of all backgrounds! Just get ready to work with a bunch of loving and joyful people! We believe in loving our neighbors as ourselves, so many of our projects tackle real-world problems like homelessness, refugee aid, and digital literacy. We partner with ministries, churches, and nonprofits to find challenges that tackle real-world problems.

Registration is rolling admission (first-come-first-admitted) and we have only 100 spots available for free swag. We expect registration to fill up before the start of #HACK. Register now if you’re interested in attending!

We’re inviting all college students from across Texas. We have organizers from UT Austin, A&M University, Rice University, UT Dallas, and Baylor University, but expect university students across Texas to be participating!

Contact us on Facebook for more details. But most likely if you’re 15+, yes!

Yes! We're opening up registrations to those have have already graduated college as well! Additionally, if you aren't able to commit an entire Saturday, but have experience with faith & tech in the workforce, we would love to have you on board as a mentor! Please fill out our registration as a mentor and we’ll reach out to you with more details!


Friendship, experience, mentorship, and an opportunity to glorify God with your skills! We will also be shipping out free swag and prizes to every participant who completes #HACK! Stay tuned for news on even more prizes!

We'll ship you swag bags with free T-Shirts, leather journals, pens, stickers, and face masks! Prizes for top teams will be gift cards of at least $25 to local restaurants like Chick Fil-A and P. Terry's!

Along with many areas of contribution where skills other than programming is needed, we’ll have beginner workshops on coding basics! Some of the most creative projects in the past have actually been made by those that enter #HACK without prior hackathon or programming experience!

At the start of #HACK, we'll have a time for team formation - you can meet people and join teams pursuing similar ideas. Everyone will be part of a team of a size ranging from 4-6 people. You can also choose to enter #HACK with a pre-existing team!

If you attend 3 sessions - 1 speaker session, 1 workshop, and a 3rd of either - and complete the 14 hour hackathon we'll ship you a swag bag!

If you're eligible for swag & prizes, we'll send you a form to fill out with your address. We'll ship out swag and prizes within 2 weeks of the end of #HACK and you'll receive them within 4 weeks!


Help these ministries out by building a solution for their technical needs!

Learn about the world of DIY search by contributing to the search engine. We will collaborate with the “Projects Roadmap” team (see the Indigitous challenge) to take generated project data, add metadata, and commit to a search engine. Participants will gain an understanding of Python, configuration with YAML, REST APIs, and SQL. We will … Read More »


Out of hundreds of innovative projects on, which have the most promise to become a lasting contribution to the kingdom? We will use Python and SQL to develop a chart of properties for each hosted project, and from this information, develop an algorithm for ranking the viability of each project, its current impact, and …

Indigitous Read More »


Clean up a table of data on unreached people groups that will be entered into the database for Etnopedia, a wiki on ethnic groups from an Evangelical Christian perspective. This will help expedite the process of mapping and profiling groups for mobilization.

Epic Movement

Challenge #1: Create a tool that pairs students to go evangelize together, counts stats (ex. initiations, spiritual conversations, prayers), and organizes outreach efforts in general. Challenge #2: Add additional functionality to a tool that converts worship song lyrics to slides, such as ML for better splitting of lyrics (currently relies on max number of words …

Epic Movement Read More »

Angel House

Create a custom form for volunteer signups and automate text message reminders. Find out more about Angel House Soup Kitchen, a ministry of the Austin Baptist Chapel, here:


Challenge 1: Create a tool that automatically marks event attendance on the points spreadsheet based on the attendance spreadsheet. Challenge 2: Create a tool that reads Venmo to write transactions to a spreadsheet, sorted by Venmo description or type of payment (i.e. dues)


Challenge 1: Read a Venmo transactions CSV file and sort by description or time it came in at. This will help with organizing a ministries budget based on what activity someone is paying for. Challenge 2: Develop an application to easily deal with reimbursement requests: a leader should be able to login, see requests, and …

Acts Read More »

People of Peace

Help Walter L., a missionary serving in Roebuck, S.C., reach ethnic groups in his area with the gospel by developing a website that answers common questions they may have about Christianity. Design Facebook ads to help lead seekers in the geographic area to your website.


Set up a localization system, which would pave the way for this grammatical Bible search tool to be translated into other languages. Find the repo at


Add features to the Northwest Community Center’s existing database that would allow NCC to track participation across their programs, such as resource distribution to local refugees in Dallas.

Schedule (CT)

10:00 AM - Opening Ceremony
10:30 AM - Worship
10:45 AM - Team Formation/ Hacking Begins
11:15 AM - HTML/CSS Workshop + React Workshop
11:30 AM - Have Challenges Picked
12:00 PM - GitHub Workshop
1:00 PM - What does Bible translation have to do with technology?
ft. Brad and Rachel Greco
(Wycliffe Bible Translators + JAARS)

4:00 PM - TensorFlow Workshop
7:00 PMFaith & Missions in the Workplace Q&A
ft. Panelists from Apple, Out of the Box Development + Microsoft
11:30 PM - Project Submission
11:35 PM - Closing
12:00 Midnight - End

Thank you to our sponsors and partners!

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Contact Us

Interested in mentoring? Have ideas for a challenge? Want to sponsor us? Fill out the form below!


Excited about faith and technology & already in the workforce? Join as a mentor! Commit between 4-8 hours of your Saturday to shepherd, encourage, and mentor students as they #HACK for God's Kingdom.


Need an app built for your ministry or church? Have an idea for a ministry tool? Send it over and challenge our kingdom builders make it during #HACK 2020!


Indigitous #HACK is only possible though the support of our partners in time, prayer, and material support. Contact us to sponsor us financially or in-kind through gifts and prizes.