Learn about the world of DIY search by contributing to the search engine. We will collaborate with the “Projects Roadmap” team (see the Indigitous challenge) to take generated project data, add metadata, and commit to a search engine. Participants will gain an understanding of Python, configuration with YAML, REST APIs, and SQL. We will … Read More »


Out of hundreds of innovative projects on, which have the most promise to become a lasting contribution to the kingdom? We will use Python and SQL to develop a chart of properties for each hosted project, and from this information, develop an algorithm for ranking the viability of each project, its current impact, and …

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Clean up a table of data on unreached people groups that will be entered into the database for Etnopedia, a wiki on ethnic groups from an Evangelical Christian perspective. This will help expedite the process of mapping and profiling groups for mobilization.

Epic Movement

Challenge #1: Create a tool that pairs students to go evangelize together, counts stats (ex. initiations, spiritual conversations, prayers), and organizes outreach efforts in general. Challenge #2: Add additional functionality to a tool that converts worship song lyrics to slides, such as ML for better splitting of lyrics (currently relies on max number of words …

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Angel House

Create a custom form for volunteer signups and automate text message reminders. Find out more about Angel House Soup Kitchen, a ministry of the Austin Baptist Chapel, here:


Challenge 1: Create a tool that automatically marks event attendance on the points spreadsheet based on the attendance spreadsheet. Challenge 2: Create a tool that reads Venmo to write transactions to a spreadsheet, sorted by Venmo description or type of payment (i.e. dues)


Challenge 1: Read a Venmo transactions CSV file and sort by description or time it came in at. This will help with organizing a ministries budget based on what activity someone is paying for. Challenge 2: Develop an application to easily deal with reimbursement requests: a leader should be able to login, see requests, and …

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People of Peace

Help Walter L., a missionary serving in Roebuck, S.C., reach ethnic groups in his area with the gospel by developing a website that answers common questions they may have about Christianity. Design Facebook ads to help lead seekers in the geographic area to your website.


Set up a localization system, which would pave the way for this grammatical Bible search tool to be translated into other languages. Find the repo at


Add features to the Northwest Community Center’s existing database that would allow NCC to track participation across their programs, such as resource distribution to local refugees in Dallas.